Pera Algo Wallet Media Kit

Thank you for your interest in Pera Wallet! Our team is available for media inquiries such as interview requests or collaboration. You can contact us at

To download our Media Kit that includes useful information such as the official Pera logo, App images, roadmap, and official links, please click on the button below.

Download Media Kit

Pera logo black

Pera logo white

Pera logomark black

Pera logomark white

Pera brand colors

#FFEE55 rgb(255,238,85)
#21EBBA rgb(33,235,186)
#FE6746 rgb(254,103,70)
#0D0D0D rgb(13,13,13)

Pera Connect Guidelines

The best way to integrate with Pera Wallet from a web-based dApp is to use Pera Connect, our JavaScript library that utilizes WalletConnect under the hood to provide a smooth and secure experience for all Pera Wallet users. Please follow the branding guidelines below when integrating Pera Connect. Make sure to use the correct nomenclature and logos to make sure a seamless experience is provided to all users across Algorand dApps.

Pera Connect Button

Connect Wallet Button Placement